Binary Challenge™  Binary Game

Binary Challenge™ Binary Game

توسعه دهنده increatly

دسته بندی برنامه ها دسته بندی  معمایی

بدون نظر

نصب های فعال


نسخه برنامه

کمتر از 100



رتبه بندی برنامه

آخرین بروز رسانی

سازگاری برنامه


۰۹ اردیبهشت ۱۳۹۹

اندروید 4 و بالاتر

 توضیحات برنامهBinary Challenge™  Binary Game   توضیحات

Master binary numbers & Train your mental math with this amazing game!

Binary Challenge™ drives you to convert binary (and hexadecimal) numbers to the decimal system by mental math faster and faster. Dive into the meditative “deep space” atmosphere to enhance your concentration and enter flow.

You start in super easy 4-bit binary mode and choose your result from suggestions. Discover new game modes, more numeral systems and advance to larger bit-sizes by mastering each level. We’ve included "Pure" and "Insane" mode where you calculate the exact result, hexadecimal numbers, and numbers with up to 32-bit. The faster you convert the numbers, the higher your score. Are you ready for the Binary Challenge™?

Enjoy unique features like:

* Learn binary, quaternary and hexadecimal
* Start with 4-bit mode and advance to reach 32-bit mastery
* Several game modes with varying difficulty
* Binary Challenge™ will explain every conversion step by step if you need help
* Master 54 achievements!
* Meditative futuristic background music

Install Binary Challenge™ now for free to master binary numbers and train your mental math every day!