Picasso: Magic Paint!

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Picasso - Magic Paint! introduces you to the world of Magic Paint. If you love glow and shine, you will love our new Magic Paint! Choose from Rainbow paint, Glow paint, and mystery Magic Paint! Your kids will simply love the Magic Paint effects as they draw their masterpiece. Watch them doodle anything and everything just to see the Magic Paint at work. *****Then, simply shake the screen to clear! Drawing should be fun even before you finish. You will have so much fun while you are using our Magic Paint that you won’t care what picture you end up with! Once you try our Magic Paint, you will want to doodle anything just to see it in action again. You can even load a photo, save your masterpiece, and even share. All by simply pushing MENU(social networking app required). Load your photograph. Doodle on or add special effects to your own photo! Give yourself a Jedi Knight Lightsaber. Draw in Iron Man`s new super weapon. Drawing on your phone will never be the same! This is the most entertaining drawing app you will find. It cannot be described in words(not even in pictures!) Your kids(and you, too!) will be totally hooked, once you witness our exclusive Magic Paint! Guaranteed. *****Push Menu to load, save, share, and Turn sound on/off*****

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