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Tynker is the easiest way for children to learn programming. Solve puzzles to learn concepts, easily build your own games, and control robots and drones using our new step-by-step coding tutorials. 50+ free starter templates included for games, apps, drawing, music, physics, and more. Additional puzzle levels available as in-app purchases. NEW! Draw your own actors and backgrounds with the drawing tool! Awards: *** Parents’ Choice Gold Award *** Editor`s Choice, Children`s Technology Review *** Rated 5 stars for Engagement, Common sense media *** Academics` Choice Award *** Rated “Best for 8-14” by USA Today *** Award of Excellence from Strictly Mobile ”Tynker makes programming more accessible and fun for kids, regardless of prior experience.” - TechCrunch “One of the best learn-to-code apps we`ve seen for younger kids - Nice work!” - Code.org CANDY QUEST (FREE) Use the correct logic and loop variations to lead your character home. ** 20 Levels CRASH COURSE (FREE) Learn to program drones, lights, and Sphero in a virtual environment ** 18 Levels NEW! 50 TEMPLATES AND TUTORIALS (FREE) Includes inspiration for an unlimited portfolio of games and projects to play with friends: 6 Tutorials - Learn with interactive tutorials on animation, physics, and building games 10 Game Templates - Build your own arcade, platformer, and physics games 4 Toy Templates - Make a remote controller for your drone, and control Sphero robots 7 Physics Templates - Bouncing penguins, zero gravity, spin launchers, and cannons 10 Drawing Templates - Math art, kaleidoscope, program your own art studio app 5 Music Templates - Learn to program musical notes to play any song 10 Featured Hacks - Fun programs that combine all the above concepts CONNECTED DEVICE SUPPORT (FREE) Includes code blocks to control connected toys including drones and robots. Learn to use these new blocks in "Crash Course" with virtual representations of drones, robots and lights. Then find these blocks in the “Create” mode and build programs to control real devices. Supports programming Sphero, Ollie, Parrot Rolling Spider drone, Philips Hue and Lux personal lighting systems. TYNKER WORKSHOP (FREE) - Create games and apps quickly with the same visual programming language introduced in the puzzles - NEW! Learn the basics with interactive coding tutorials - Define your own programs with conditional logic, loops, functions, variables, and more - Add tilt, touch and other native behaviors to your games - Design animated characters using the character creator - Build realistic games using the physics engine - Work offline without Internet connectivity DRAGON JOURNEY (in-app purchase) Create functions and subroutines to lead your dragon through the forest. ** 72 Levels, across 2 different adventure scenarios, replay with 3 different dragons LOST IN SPACE (in-app purchase) Apply conditional logic to lead astronaut Biff to his moon base. ** 72 Levels, across 3 adventure scenarios LAZER RACER (in-app purchase) Draw complex geometric shapes using simple commands in this futuristic racing game. ** 48 geometric pattern puzzles Unlock hidden bonus games in every adventure! Puzzle Solutions Available. What Do Children Learn? Pattern recognition, problem solving, sequencing, spatial visualization, algorithmic thinking, how to debug programs. Introduces concepts like sequencing, repetition, and conditional logic. Reinforces basic geometry concepts while using programming to draw angles and lines. What Is Tynker? Tynker (www.tynker.com) inspires kids to create and collaborate through programming in a visual, intuitive and imaginative way. More than 30,000 schools and 26 million kids have started coding with Tynker, building critical computational thinking skills for future success. Tynker is inspired by visual programming languages such as Scratch from MIT, Alice from CMU, and other programming languages like Logo, SmallTalk, and Squeak.




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